Surgeon Simulator App Reviews

145 add


Dont buy


Its so amazing but trump needs to be added


Horrible game!


Can you please add team fortress two medic and the Donald Trump surgery please

Rip off

I cnat even move I saw this Gameplay on YouTube I got this game then When I played Level 1 heart Tranplant I I did the heart Tranplant Ant it never said level complete AND THE CONTROLS ARE SOOO HARD also My names not Eaglenuts 11 its James e boy66 And I want a Refund Plz Dont get this game And give me my money back plzzzzz

Worst Game, I want my money back

This game is horrible! The controls wont work and it is overpriced


I love this game but it is hard as sh!t.


Controls are very hard to use could cut out the guys heart kept killing him. Controls arent even the right word more like trash.

Why so hard?? Dont buy $

I got the game and was generally excited to play it. After getting a a $25 iTunes card for a gift I wanted to put it to good use along with getting Minecraft, and a movie. So decided to get this game after seeing dozens of YouTubers playing it. I found out the short time later how hard it was, it has been around four months and I still havent got past the first surgery. I dont know if this is my fault or others had problems too. If there was a way to refund believe me I would. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BUY THIS GAME. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION THIS GAME STINKS!!!!

Achievements wont save

This game is great and all, but for me the achievements dont save. Is it the game or is it my iPad?

Cant download!!!!!!!

Ive been trying to download the game but it just wont allow me to and Ive searched the Internet but no one has experience this so please help me or else it was a waste of $5.00 and Ill want my money back if it doesnt get fixed

Love the game but...

Why cant we get the Donald trump version too?? Id pay the $3.00 no problem for updates graphics and Donald trump! Please let this come to mobile

Waste of money

Youd think if you spent $3 on the app theyd give you the Trump add on. Nope! Waste of money.

Impossible controls

The game is totally unusable

Its meant to be hard, you fuckwads

As a matter of fact, it isnt even that hard. Got past eye transplant, time for Teeth Transplant.


Its a really a great game i like to play it really simulates how a surgery looks like Im not a surgeon by the way but anyways I like the game

Ambulance Mode, Space Mode, And Brain Surgery

Ok, I love this game! It is so much fun and a great stress relief for finals! Ive watched a lot of youtubers play the console/PC version and saw how much fun they were having playing all the different modes. I personally cannot buy the PC version as I am lacking in money but I would love it if you guys down at Bossa made the mobile port more like its full counterparts. I know it is a huge list to fill and a large task to make but I believe it could get you more publicity/customers and get you on the apple Featured section again. The addition of space mode (Not just the alien), ambulance mode, and brain surgery would draw much profit in and I personally wouldnt even mind if it came as an IAP. Anyways, thanks for reading this (If you really did) and I hope that your fan base keeps growing! ~Soon To Be Surgeon


Please put the Trump mission on here my CPU is really laggy so I cant use it great game tho.

Great but

Im happy to play this game but you guys need to add team fortress where you heart transplant on heavy that would be so fun And thank you for this game

Its a great game!

But we need the trump update please.

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