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Surgeon Simulator app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 4048 ratings )
Games Entertainment Role Playing Simulation
Developer: Bossa Studios Ltd
4.99 USD
Current version: 1.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Mar 2014
App size: 490.6 Mb

You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst!

More difficult than real surgery! Can you rise to the challenge?

Take urgent care of the worlds unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life -- or fail hilariously in the process while poor Bob... Well, dies.

Join the ranks of more than three million players who butchered Bob for the amusement of 250 million people who watched the failed surgeries on YouTube, now from the comfort of your awesome iPhone / iPad, anytime, anywhere. Hospitals dont get any better than this, really.

- Over 3 Million units sold Worldwide!
- No. 1 Paid App on App Store Charts - March 2017
- BAFTA 2014 Nominee: Strategy and Simulation
- Mobile Entertainment Awards 2014: Best Design
- Develop 2013 Awards Nominee: Best New IP

"Some of the most fun you can have screwing up"

"The worlds hardest game"

"Bob! Booooob! Dont die on me, Bob!"
- PewDiePie

"Wheres the %$£%$@£ heart?!? Its gone! Its on the floor now, and I dont think the 5 seconds rule apply, dude!"
- RoosterTeeth

"Shhhhh. I Doctor Now."
- Anonymous meme creator. Awesome work, mate! You should have signed it, though...

In this spiffy version of the classic game, youll find:

- Six Alien Autopsy transplants, featuring organs you’ve never heard of (and will barely be able to pronounce);
- The trusty Heart and Double-Kidney transplants;
- Two new surgeries: Give Bob a smile with Teeth transplant, and a great look with Eyes transplant;
- Feeling lucky? Abandon the Operation Theatre and try your hand on a moving trolley in the hospital corridors;
- Brand-new control system: gone is Nigels left arm, in are your nimble fingers;
- More than 50 new achievements to unlock and prove you rule;
- Tons more we wont tell you so we dont spoil the surprise;
- Multiplayer. Show your friends whos the boss. Its a good day to save lives.

Pros and cons of Surgeon Simulator app for iPhone and iPad

Surgeon Simulator app good for

Can you please add team fortress two medic and the Donald Trump surgery please
This game is great and all, but for me the achievements dont save. Is it the game or is it my iPad?
Why cant we get the Donald trump version too?? Id pay the $3.00 no problem for updates graphics and Donald trump! Please let this come to mobile
As a matter of fact, it isnt even that hard. Got past eye transplant, time for Teeth Transplant.
Its a really a great game i like to play it really simulates how a surgery looks like Im not a surgeon by the way but anyways I like the game
Ok, I love this game! It is so much fun and a great stress relief for finals! Ive watched a lot of youtubers play the console/PC version and saw how much fun they were having playing all the different modes. I personally cannot buy the PC version as I am lacking in money but I would love it if you guys down at Bossa made the mobile port more like its full counterparts. I know it is a huge list to fill and a large task to make but I believe it could get you more publicity/customers and get you on the apple Featured section again. The addition of space mode (Not just the alien), ambulance mode, and brain surgery would draw much profit in and I personally wouldnt even mind if it came as an IAP. Anyways, thanks for reading this (If you really did) and I hope that your fan base keeps growing! ~Soon To Be Surgeon

Some bad moments

This game is horrible! The controls wont work and it is overpriced
Controls are very hard to use could cut out the guys heart kept killing him. Controls arent even the right word more like trash.
I got the game and was generally excited to play it. After getting a a $25 iTunes card for a gift I wanted to put it to good use along with getting Minecraft, and a movie. So decided to get this game after seeing dozens of YouTubers playing it. I found out the short time later how hard it was, it has been around four months and I still havent got past the first surgery. I dont know if this is my fault or others had problems too. If there was a way to refund believe me I would. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BUY THIS GAME. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION THIS GAME STINKS!!!!
Ive been trying to download the game but it just wont allow me to and Ive searched the Internet but no one has experience this so please help me or else it was a waste of $5.00 and Ill want my money back if it doesnt get fixed
Youd think if you spent $3 on the app theyd give you the Trump add on. Nope! Waste of money.
I was honestly so excited to play this, but even paying a reduced price was a waste. The app wouldnt even install and I still have tons of memory left.

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