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Good but

Add Donald Trump like on the PC version plz then il rate 5

Trump for mobile

Please make Trump available for mobile

Multiplayer bug/review!

Multiplayer doesn’t work! You connect and then the app crashes! :( Please fix that! Otherwise it’s good and fun to play. very addicting! :) You should download! :)


Idk if this is a bug or what but when I try to do multiplayer, it connects me with someone and then the app shuts down. This never fails to happen


This is better than pc but is missing brain transplant can you add that please and add heart rate for IPhone because it would help and I cannot complete the achievements also add more modes like ambulance mode because the game needs more to play please read this!!!

Waste of money

You can’t get past the 2nd level ! Do not day this app.😡😩👎🏽

Update Please

Hello I'm an iPhone user and i would like to be able to use the heart rate and the defribblators. What I mean is on the iPad version u can slow down Bob's heart rate and if he flat lines u use the defribblators to get him alive again. On the iPhone it won't do that. Also please update the game with some new levels like brain surgery and Ambulence mode that can improve it. Please consider doing this thank u.

Lovelove but hope there is more levels soon

The best game ever thank you for bringing it to mobile but I hope they ad the ambulance surgeries and the brain transplant

Awesome app and I had some laughs lol.

Once I kept losing with hear attack. Then the thing when your blood 0s out it was funny. In 30 mins I got to the eye transplant!


For me the multiplayer button does not work it is white and won’t let me click on it am I doing something wrong?

Please read

The game is good but we need more levels and transplants like the brain

The dumbest game I’ve ever played!

This game is soooo stuiped because your arms are flying around and ten hits with the hammer doesn’t break a rib bone.


This is a fun game love it




I beat every level in 1 hour

Don’t waste your money

There goes $5 I can’t get back.

Needs more levels

I love this game but they need to add space and brain surgery.


Awful,just awful. Don't waste your money, you fail every time, when I downloaded it I deleted it the same day.


This is an awesome game!

Great but...

I feel like surgeon simulator could come back again with big update for Mobile adding the other surgery’s too and also it’d be great if the achievement “no tears only dreams now” achievement could be explained 😂 I miss surgeon simulator, please have a comeback...

Surgeon simulator.

Brilliant game just a little violent parts accept one of the best games I have ever played so fun.

No control

You just can’t control items , and normal play I know this game for fun , but when it’s starting be annoying that you can’t control it omg

Need more

Great game but wish there was more modes/surgeries/equipment like on pc


I love the game and I’ve almost beaten it but whenever I try multiplayer with my brother it always crashes and doesn’t work. Plz fix so I can play multiplayer.

super fun

i love how the awkward controls give an even greater challenge

More surgeries please

This game is amazing, but I would like if I could have more surgeries to do I finished all 4 in 2 days and now I’m regretting giving my 4.99 please make more updates with more surgeries

Very funny

Surgeon simulator is a great game despite the horrible controls intentionally hopefully it still managed to be every funny how ever the multiplayer feature definitely needs work and the achievement don’t die on me can not be done due to the fact that there is no heart rate on iOS

It’s a good game but....

I like the game. It’s funny and it’s meant to have bad controls and be frustrating but it’s a high price they’re asking for.

Fantastic bloody fun

This game captures the spirit of its PC version, whilst having its own little quirks with grabbing many things at once or targeting specific spots... and the controls are charmingly bad like the original... (for those who complains the controls are bad and awkward... THATS THE POINT!!!)

Hot garbage

The touch controls are absolutely impossible.

False advertisement

I bought the "bundle" that comes with "I am toast," as soon as you pay $1.99 for surgeon simulator it will try to charge you another $0.99 for I am toast. Says it's together but it's not. Reporting this to iTunes support.

Do not get this!!!!!!

It is not fun, the controls do not work, you cannot beat the first level, save your money

I highly recommend!

It’s hard but easy to control. Way easier than on the computer and I’ve had this game for awhile and it never disappoints. Definitely a good game to play if you’re trying to pass time !

Brain transplant

I want them to add something we don’t have but pc does: brain transplant. Bossa can u add brain transplant pls

Hard to control

This game is so hard to control it is the worse game ever and the price is high for this game

Really good just needs more levels

This is a awesome game don't get me wrong but it needs more levels like the PlayStation one

LOVE IT but...

This game is sooooo much fun, but I have 1 problem. During the kidneys transplant it was all going well until I couldn't get the large intestine out. I would cut the right places, but it would glitch out and wouldn't let me remove it. Please fix this so I can play.

Love it

It is the best game ever you get to operate on bob and an alien which is cool and you get rated how you did,I think that heart of it operating on bob I thank it is a fun game really I thank it is the best game ever so I thank you should play it, It is a really cool game however made this game thank you for creating this game for everyone.

Never Played PC

This version of Surgeon Simulator is the only one I've ever played. I love it anyway. It could do with some updates. For now, though, it's pretty wonderful.


I am a common gamer and this is absolute trash. I hate it. If you have any common sense, you would hate it too. The controls are so terrible.

110% love it but....

I think this game is so fun and a good way to pass time/laugh but it’s pretty glitchy. I can’t seem to get the large intestine out, it shows that it’s loose and able to be pulled out but it won’t let me physically take it out of Bob. I even was able to remove both kidneys and replace them but the level wasn’t “complete” since it wasn’t registering the stupid intestine!! Please fix so I can enjoy this game!!


A lot of people are complaining about how they can't get past the first level on there iPhone I'm on the 6 level and I use a iPhone so try harder or play better

Messed up controls are half the game

To those people who say the the controls are Impossible that’s what is so fun about the game. I just wish that was Nigel’s left hand was there.

Not impressed

It’s so confusing I have no idea how to play it/control whatever your touching.

One more thing

I would give 5 stars but for those of us who played it on pc know the tf2 surgery and I wish that was in this app and more tf2 surgery’s or overwach plz add tf2 heavy surgery

Awful Controls

Worst $1.99 I ever spent. Can't aim or control objects. Too bad you can't get a refund from the app store!


How come when you go to the alien surgery it doesn’t tell you what organ to replace it says but I don’t know what it is. But it’s still good


This is a fun game but me personally bought the game a few years back and now apparently I have to buy it again

Tremendously stupid

I guess you might like it if you enjoy being frustrated by the most horrible controls ever. I'm shocked that this game was released in such an unfinished state, and even more shocking is the price they're asking. How did this game ever get approved? I'm seriously contacting the App Store management about getting my money back. I read reviews giving 5 stars, saying "stop giving 1 star reviews" & "don't be prude" and then they go on to complain about the controls ? Don't be stupid! This barely passes as a game. The only reason to even try is because you know you just got ripped off.

The Best in years

The best simulator out there

Where's the brain transplant

I played the game on the computer and I remember the brain transplant it was easy and fun...ny so please developers put this in the game

Love the game, but...

there aren't near enough levels. You only do 4 different surgeries and I don't think that's worth $5. I expected way more from this game. I hope that you add more levels. :( I finished the whole game within an hour.

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